Points to Discuss with Your Piano Mover

If you have made up your mind to shift your piano to a new place and want to get it done by the professional piano movers, there are a few things that you will have to keep in mind. Although you could do all the enquiry and get answers to everything, there are a few simple yet important questions that you should ask with your piano movers to figure out if the company you have chosen is trustworthy and would do their job efficiently. Take a look at some of these points discussed in the sentences that follow.

Insurance details

You have to make sure that whichever baby grand piano moving company you hire provides you an insurance coverage for your piano for the entire process. Right from the process of Piano removing, its transit and installation at the new place, everything should be covered under the insurance to make sure if any damage occurs you won’t have to bear any of these expenses.

Dismantling the Piano

The process of Piano removals in Kent often involves steps where they separate the keyboard from the main body to carry it easily. Although they are professionals and might be able to easily do this task, if you are not willing to take that risk, make it clear at the initial level it to avoid any kind of confusion.

Climatic control

You need to talk about the climatic controls that a truck has that will be used to shift your piano from one place to another. It is often seen that a lot of heat or high temperature can damage the way a piano works and will change its sound to a huge extent. This can be avoided if it is shifted in a temperature controlled truck.


Although the piano moving companies give you insurance amount in case of damages, it still would be a great loss to invest in new piano again. Check how they pack your piano and ensure that it is packed in the most secure manner. Get each and every part of it covered thoroughly.


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