Make no mistake and don’t remotely be fooled by how professional services make the whole process of piano moving look so easy. There are called professionals for a very good reason and you do not have their skills. Acknowledgement of this fact would be a good way to start.

However, even if you have had experience in the service of piano removals in kent or wherever else, you would do good to keep these certain points in mind. Just remember one thing – most things are very rarely as easy as they initially look and that of course includes the process of piano moving as well.

  • Moving a Four Wheeled Piano: As much as possible, make sure that you hire out a professional service if this is the case for a plethora of reasons. First of all, it is massive in every size of the word so you cannot possibly expect that you along with a couple of your pals would be able to pick it up. Since a piano is comprised of both light and soft points, it takes a professional to know which points are which exactly so that the entire process of carrying and moving automatically becomes much easier to do as well.
  • Use as Little Human Labour as Possible While Moving The Piano: Any professional service will tell you the same. Until the final stage of moving which is the trucking phase, one should focus on moving the piano on extra wheels and using cardboard as a buffer as well. Hard as this may be for you to believe, these little steps go a long way in making piano removal much easier than actually and physically carrying the piano by yourself. Even if it is with the help of a few friends, these little steps do go a long way.
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